Bioinspired innovation 
and materials based on a neglected waste material: 
eggshell membrane.

We are Protegg®

Protegg® GmbH is a young award winning bioeconomy start-up from Munich, Germany. Starting in 2020 as a Project, founded in 2022 we at Protegg® have been working on the transformation of eggshell membrane from the egg-processing industry into a novel standardized material. This standardized material is the foundation for the development and production of new bio-based materials and applications. Here we always focus on 3 principles: circular, holistic and innovative.

As part of our research, we have developed and produced a unique, globally unknown, biobased plastic. This was successfully analyzed, reproduced and jointly optimized by a major German research institute in 2022 as part of a study commissioned by Protegg.
Furthermore, in this study and in 2022 in general, all fundamental assumptions were re-validated, new findings and impulses were incorporated and thus a rock-solid scientific foundation for the future was created.

In addition to the scientific development, we have successfully shared our vision with stakeholders from business, science and politics over the past 2 years. Through this, we have gained a broad network of experienced mentors and supporters who actively advise and support us, especially in the areas of finance, business development and science.

Of course, the cooperation with the egg-processing industry is also fundamental. Last year, we were able to win an internationally active project partner who works to the highest standards. This highly innovative cooperation is already bearing its first fruits in the form of a pilot plant for the effective processing and transformation of our waste material. With this, we guarantee constant further development of the transformation at industrial level and long-term availability of our raw material.


Protegg® Applications

In 2023, we are now focusing development on three application areas. (Bio)Sensors, Brand protection and Bioplastic. Unlike previously known plastic materials, biomolecules and other responsive materials can be functionally integrated into our bioplastic. Due to this special feature, the area of sensors and its sub-area, Brand protection, is predestined as an application field for us. Starting in February 2023, Protegg® will conduct another application-oriented study supported by a major German research institute and produce various prototypes for the areas of Brand protection and (Bio)sensor technology. This venture is funded by BayernInnovativ (a programme of the Bavarian State Ministry for Economic Affairs, Regional Development and Energy).

In addition to its function as a carrier material, the bioplastic has other exciting potentials. The natural properties of the eggshell membrane can be successfully transferred to the bioplastic. Protecting and preserving are the functions that promise great potential in the packaging and container sector and will be developed by Protegg® in the mid-term. Insights into this will already be obtained during our next study on biosensor technologies.

In addition to its technically functional properties, the aesthetic qualities of the bioplastic stand out in particular. Its transparent to translucent appearance, which can be produced in a wide variety of shapes and colours, opens doors for products of all kinds. This especially applies to the areas of fashion, interior design, hardware and plastic substitutes in general. Our bioplastic is neither chemically modified nor synthetically polymerized and thus consequently does not fall under the EU Plastics Directive.

Facts &


According to the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation, 3.8 billion eggs are produced globally every day, 328 million of them in the EU. Here, we lose 1 gram of valuable eggshell membrane per egg. In order to sustainably utilise these large masses of unused residual material, Protegg® has developed an enviromentally friendly technology to transform and process the residual material into a standardised raw material. The Protegg® material platform offers innovative application solutions for a wide range of product areas from the ESM raw material we process and the transparent bioplastics based on it.

Our vision at Protegg®

Our vision is to close material cycles and thus enable efficient use of resources. Consequently, it is important to make the globally accumulating residual material of the egg processing industry identified by Protegg® available and usable worldwide with our technology in order to also act in a resource-saving manner.



You want to become part of our success story and deep dive into the fascinating world of eggshell membrane? Feel free to contact us to discuss products, cooperations and get an in depth view into the vast potential of our applications.

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